The Treaters Advantage

At Treaters, Inc. the service is customized to fit the needs of the client.

     After all, it’s not enough to know a lot about head lice biology, transmission, and treatment.  
You need to know how to treat the person with it.”
-Amie Dehner, President

An Idea Born From Experience

In 2007, founder Amie Dehner experienced head lice with her own child.  Compounded by the challenges of being a single mother and working full-time, dealing with head lice was enough to bring her to tears.  And it did.  Pesticides, asthma, myths and even recommendations of mayo!  Just when the bad memories faded, her second child got head lice.

Determination and Education

Determined to spare as many people as possible from the same bad experiences, Amie set out to learn as much as she could.  Even flying to Florida just to have the honor of helping a lovely 9-year-old autistic girl with her head lice.

“Changing how people experience head lice is more than my business, it’s a passion and a pleasure”

– Amie Dehner, President


head lice check photo
Amie Dehner


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