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Community Outreach

Head Lice is not a disease-carrying vector.  However, it is still a social stigma and a source of stress and isolation for many.  Treaters, Inc. is partnering with community leaders to bring hands-on head lice help, much-needed education, and need-based/hardship affordable treatment services to those who would otherwise not be able to receive our services. Contact us either by phone 1 (508) 329-1699 or email: for more information about our Community Outreach Programs.


Let’s face it, lots of people have no clue what to do when they see head lice on their child.  If you think about it, how could you know?  Did you learn about head lice before you got it?  Usually, the answer is no.

Well, we are very good at talking about head lice here at Treaters!  Large groups or small, partnering with Treaters, Inc. is a fun way to learn, decrease the stigma, remove the shame, and avoid the freakout.

Support Services

In keeping with the mission of Treaters, Inc., the following service providers receive a 20% discount on head lice treatments

Foster Parents

Taking advantage of this program discount is easy. All you need is proof that you are a licensed foster care parent (your social worker can help with this). The discount is applied to all members of the household. After all, a foster child is your child while in your care. We do not ask which child is a foster or biological child. This ensures that the child’s privacy is protected.

Treaters, Inc. President, Amie Dehner, understands the challenges and rewards of being a foster parent because she has been one. Foster parents have a special place in her heart after experiencing first hand what it means to be one.

As a foster parent, you have passed every background check, answered all the questions and opened your life physically, and emotionally, and WE THANK YOU!

“If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, you may call the DCF recruitment Line at 1-800-KIDS-508 or contact them through ” source:


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