Head Lice Treatment Salon Stations

In Salon Pricing:

Head Lice Check        FREE

Head checks take approx. 10-20 minutes.  We will thoroughly inspect the entire head for any evidence of a head lice infestation.

Hair Detailing:  short hair: $39.00, $49.00 mid-back length hair, $75.00 hair to the waistline

There are many lice and non-lice condition that can leave a lot of debris in your hair.  While Treaters can’t cure the problem, we sure can clean it up and leave you feeling like new!  Not just a simple hair wash but rather a complete hair detailing!!


Treaters Express Service:  $95.00

*Please add $10.00 for hair that reaches the middle of the back when wet.  Add $16.00 for hair that reaches the waist when wet.  Please see a specialist for an accurate price on hair that is longer than the waist when wet

This service is for the family in a rush!  We use the same salon strength allnatural, nontoxic lice treatment solution with a 15-minute combing and give you the information you need to finish the job at home. Total treatment time is 45 minutes

Treaters Complete Care Lice Treatment:  $298.00

So why the 1 – 2 – 3 Complete Care System and what is it exactly?

It is a was created from experience, results, observations and, feedback.

In designing a head lice removal system, we considered the whole person.  Aka, you!  

The best service is designed from the clients perspective.  So we already knew that you didn’t want the standard methods out there already.  Such as having your hair slathered in dimethicone oil or have olive oil poured on your head, washed out with dish detergent and told to do the same for the next 2 weeks.  

We also knew from experience that you don’t want someone leaving all of the lice debris in your hair – the molted debris and all of the other stuff left in there by these little fast-breeding insects

Treaters knows head lice and how customers really want to treat it.  So, we use the best, non-toxic natural shampoo and use it in the most effective and efficient way.  After a thorough rinse out in the salon sink, we follow that up with a spa-like deep conditioning comb-out.  As if this wasn’t good enough, we will let you choose from a pony, a braid, a french braid or double french braids and pick out a complimentary hair accessory. The Treaters Complete Care System is especially popular with the all of our clients – both kids and parents!

Oh, but wait.  This is head lice we’re talking about and being thorough is an absolute must!  So you won’t just be treated like a princess (or prince) one time.  Nope, we give you 2 more spa-like complete care treatments included!

Want more?  You’ve got it! Just complete all three treatments on schedule and you will get the next 2 weeks absolutely free!!


*Please add $15.00 for hair that reaches the middle of the back when wet.  Add $24.00 for hair that reaches the waist when wet
** Please add $5.00 for every 4″ of hair length that should fall past the waist when wet**

* Flexible Health Care Spending Approved

* No hourly billing

* Rather than spending wasteful time just nitpicking, internal process development work here at Treaters, Inc. has led to the most efficient and effective lice removal strategies.  When you combine these strategies with affordable fixed rates, 2 weeks of new infestation coverage after you complete the three scheduled treatments, and free head checks for the whole family, you can see why choosing Treaters is the clear, confident and smart choice!


  • Removal of all lice using a safe, natural, non-toxic, plant-based, enzyme shampoo and a thorough combing using only the best products (no dimethicone)
  • Three treatments will be completed at three separate appointments over a 2 week period
  • Day 1: initial consultation and treatment
  • Day 5: second treatment
  • Day 12: a third treatment will need to be completed 7 days after the second treatment.
  • All scheduled appointments are important and must be kept in order to receive the full 30 days of complete care
  • During your visit, you will receive instructions on how to clean the home for lice and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions
  • Complimentary coffee, water, and a snack (you may choose to bring your own)
  • Your trip to the Treaters salon will be polished off with a choice of braids or a bow and high pony.  While the braiding and bows are a sweet end to your treat, they are optional.  However, we highly recommend leaving the salon with the hair pulled back and/or up
  • There is no need to wash the hair prior to your visit.
  • We make every effort to take the stress out of having head lice and make your visit as relaxing as possible

*Once you finish your scheduled 3 treatments you can come back for 2 more weeks free of charge!  This gives you a total of 30 days of complete care! This includes new infestation treatment services because we understand that the majority of people have no idea how they got it. Which means, of course, you will probably be exposed again. It could be gymnastics, school, cheerleading, dance, scouts, etc.  Not to worry.  We will take care of it.  Completely.

Travelling Treaters

If you can’t come to the salon, we will bring the salon to you!

One treatment minimum plus travel. Please call for an accurate travel quote

Head checks should be done on all household members at the time of service.  For our Complete Care Service, all household members found to be lice positive will need to be treated by us at the time of service. Proper house cleaning and prevention will be discussed in detail at the time of service.


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